Know-how and innovation in industrial plants manufacturing

A dynamic and reliable company

A long-term established Company, evolved from the local artisan of the early part of the 20th Century into a Domestic Industry and then into an International one. A Company able to provide high quality industrial plants, customized to the specific requirements of the customer while complying with the stringent safety and environmental compliance standards.

State-of-the-art and customized industrial plants

International business development, from the mature markets to the developing ones

Industrial plants, from waste treatment to energy

The current core business of the Company is direct to the Combustion industrial plants for M.S.W., hospital as well as farming waste including their recycling and production of both electric and thermal energy.


A diversified, enhanced and modern core business


Clean energy from the recovery of bio-masses


An ancient practice for modern times


Techniques for increased protection and durability


Preliminary and final designs


To manage, control and make safe the process

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