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When talking about "automation" let’s remind this process indicates a kind of technology using control systems for the management of machines and production processes by reducing the need for human intervention.

Since the starting of the industrial revolution great efforts and huge investments were required to engineers and industry in order to achieve the possibility of performing repetitive or complex operations by automation. In addition to that, the automation allowed to reach higher production levels, quality standards, safety requirements and improve any other function of the production as well. BRU.IMPIANTI Group, keeping up with the times, since the beginning applied to its production plants the option to be supplied, both at the order or in the form of retro-fit, with automation industrial systems for the programming, control and process management.

BRU.IMPIANTI Group in the light of its experiences can design and manage the development of automation processes, even in areas other than those usually dealt, on the basis of specific customer requirements and of the regulations applicable to the concerned operation field.

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Management and control of processes

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