Green energy

Clean energy from the recovery of bio-masses


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Thermic energy

Electric energy

"Green energy" generally means the energy that can be derived from renewable sources (solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and agro-energy).

BRU.IMPIANTI Group in the specific field of agro-energy, or energy derived from bio-masses, has carried out long and extensive research and can design and manufacture plants for the combustion of the residual sludge deriving from bio-gas plants in order to solve their disposal (otherwise than to send them to the special waste disposal units) and recover energy.

The last stages of research are taking care of plants for energy recovery from bio-masses with low calorific value and low economic value (branches, twigs, shrubs, tree bark, sawmill and processing of scrap wood, crop residues, et cetera) for which BRU.IMPIANTI Group has designed, tested and produced a compact combustion system that uses them in its high efficiency combustion chamber with very low fuel costs and high thermic rendition. The thermic power can then be recovered for the production of energy according the requirements of the customer (production of hot water for green-houses, production of hot steam for the production of electric energy by coupling with turbines, et cetera).

Devolopment areas for #greenenergy


Thermic energy recovery from bio-masses gas or low heating value bio-masses


Electric energy recovery from bio-masses gas or low heating value bio-masses

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