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Polluted air

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Post-combustion plants

Quite often it may be necessary to treat polluted air from solvents or organic substances, deriving from the production cycle, before it is released into the atmosphere. BRU.IMPIANTI Group has operated in this sector with its recuperative post-combustion plants, each one of them designed and made to measure for the customer’s problem solving.

Flue gas filtration systems

For the safeguard of the environment and of the public health, all combustion processes need to comply to the enforced regulations of the different countries as to the emissions into the atmosphere. All systems designed and manufactured by BRU.IMPIANTI Group are complying the most stringent parameters for the flue gas cleaning. As to the dry flue gas filtration systems, BRU.IMPIANTI Group followed the system developed by "Solvay" (using finely ground Sodium Bicarbonate) granting excellent results with low operating costs, low consumption of materials, no liquid effluent to be treated.

BRU.IMPIANTI Group has no reference models for #pollutedair, as it designs and develops this kind of programs customizing them on the needs and requirements of the customers.

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