Pyro-gasification plant for bio-masses


Development areas

Thermic energy

Electric energy

Base details

Trated waste type: bio-masses

Incineration capacity: can vaty (in accordance with the bourned bio-masses)

Combustion chamber: patent pending

Operation: continuous

Feeding: automatic

More details

The proposed pyro-gasification plant for bio-masses, model PF-B, in based on a combustion plant with steam generator and superheated condensing steam turbine, with the following features:

  • continuous automatic feeding system with screw conveyor;
  • counter-current static gasification chamber at controlled temperature (virtually a pyrolysis under sub-stoichiometric conditions) complete with burner and control board. Unloading of ashes is automatic and continuous;
  • reactor chamber designed to grant: temperature 850/1.050 °C, combustion gas residence time > 0,5 seconds for biomasses.
  • swirl chamber to improve combustion’s efficiency, oxygen content > 6%;
  • complete with burner, control board and emergency chimney;
  • heat exchanger for the production of both superheated steam (20 bar T=350°C) or hot water at 160°C;
  • flue gas cleaning – for biomasses;
  • flue gas cleaning system for the abatement of pollutants – acid fumes, dioxins and heavy metals – dry scrubbing type using bicarbonate and activated carbons. The system is supplied complete with reactor, reagent’s dosing and bag filter;
  • PLC control unit complete with dedicated operating system and net connection for online assisted technical support;
  • Condensation steam turbine or ORC system, complete with power supply generator, condenser, evaporation tower and accessories.

The proposed pyro-gasification plant for bio-masses is designed to comply with the emission limits required by current regulations on emissions and environment.

Model PF-B Rendering 1

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