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The current company business is mainly addressed to the combustion plants for RDF/RDF-Q, for the treatment of municipal, hospital and industrial as well as farming waste (Bio-mass).

The company business takes place on an international scale, with the consolidation of the areas where since decades it is active (like East Europe and North Africa) and the penetration of those markets (above all South America and Middle East) entering now with the use of these technologies.

The combustion plants can obviously include lines for selection and sorting of recyclable materials and further heat recovery lines for the co-generation of heat or electric power.

Moreover, dealing with the rising problem of global warming, the Company is developing with other partners extensive researches for the reduction of the emissions in the atmosphere of its combustion systems. Thus, far below the existing parameters and with the firm intentions to finalize the achievement of the “zero emissions” with the full recovery of the CO2 produced.

In addition to the above and connected to it, the Company has a wide production experience in the fields of:

  • Treatment for the disposal of all sort of tyres;
  • Surface treatments plants (paint systems, phosphating and galvanizing treatment);
  • Incinerators for crematoria;
  • Combustors for treating liquids and industrial solvents;
  • Combustors for polluted air from production processes;
  • Combustors for liquid and solid waste of livestock breeding;
  • Combustors for vegetable biomass;
  • Mills and mixers for the production of aluminum paste;
  • Recovery of precious metal (waste and scrap containing precious metal or precious-metal compounds).

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