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Phosphating metal surfaces with phosphates - realized in phosphating plants for cold forming -, which act as a support for the subsequent application of needed oils and soaps, facilitates the cold forming especially where the deep drawing of the metal sheet must be performed. Light zinc phosphate and low iron coatings are typically used in this application. A phosphate-based lubricant soap system is superior to all other lubricants for severe extrusions because of the ability of the coating to flow with the metal as it is deformed, reducing metal to metal contact. This characteristic is the result of strong metal-to-phosphate bonds, which are formed during coating and the excellent extreme-pressure properties of the soap used as a supplementary treatment. Phosphate-soap coatings extend tool life, permit faster drawing speeds, allow for maintenance of closer dimensional tolerances, and produce a smooth, glossy surface on the finished parts. Specifically BRU.IMPIANTI Group designs and manufactures phosphating plants for cold forming for the production of natural gas (Methane) cylinders for automotive purposes, LPG for automotive as well as for domestic use and cylinders for medical gases for hospital use (oxygen, nitrogen).

BRU.IMPIANTI Group has no reference models for #coldforming, as it designs and develops this kind of programs customizing them on the needs and requirements of the customers.

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