[small size] Combustion system for special or hazardous hospital waste


Base details

Treated waste type: special or hazardous hospital waste

Incineration capacity: 50-100 Kg./h

Combustion chamber: vertical static, pyrolytic

Operation: discontinuous

Feeding: automatic

More details

The proposed combustion system for hospital waste is based on a static vertical “pyrolytic” combustion chamber.

The plant is available in different capacity per hour sizes with the following features:

  • manual feeding system;
  • combustion chamber at controlled temperature, complete with burner and control board. Manual unloading of ashes to take place only when plant is cold;
  • post-combustion chamber designed to grant: temperature range 850/1.050 °C, combustion gas residence time > 2 secondi.
  • swirl chamber to improve combustion’s efficiency. oxygen content > 6%;
  • complete with burner, control board and emergency chimney;
  • heat exchanger for the production of hot water – T=90°C;
  • flue gas cleaning system for the abatement of pollutants – acid fumes, dioxins and heavy metals – dry scrubbing type using bicarbonate and activated carbons. The system is supplied complete with reactor, reagent’s dosing and bag filter;
  • PLC control unit complete with dedicated operating system and net connection for online assisted technical support.

The proposed combustion system for hospital waste is designed to meet the emission limits required and enforced by the EU Standard 2000/76/EU.

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