Organic waste

Preserving breeding farms and public health as well


It deals in our case of organic waste from animal breeding or abattoirs. It is well known that during the farming of animals for human consumption many heads - clearly variable in number as a result of the density of the same (poultry, rabbits) or of their size (pigs, cattle, etc.) - can die for natural reasons or for the outbreak of epidemic diseases. The surest way to prevent the spread of diseases and to protect the public health is to treat their organic materials through combustors for organic waste. This same method to be used in abattoirs where there are no systems for collecting waste (category 1 and 2 - infected animal by products) by specialized companies.


Abattoirs leftovers, where - as mentioned before - is not available a collection system by specialized operators, can be eliminated through adequate combustion systems. BRU.IMPIANTI Group has already set in place since long time a large number of these applications both on the domestic and international market.


Animals natural die-offs as well as those caused by epidemic factors are events occasionally effecting intensive livestock breeding, particularly those farms with higher stocking density. The need to avoid the spread of disease and, at the same time, to protect the health of end users, can direct to choose the acquisition of a combustion plant for the incineration of the carcasses.

Proposed plants models for #organicwaste


[small size] Low heating combustion system from animals


[large size] Low heating combustion system from animals

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