Hospital waste

Dispose properly of hospital waste


Under current legislation, hospital waste are classified into the following categories:

  • non-hazardous medical waste;
  • sanitary waste similar to municipal waste;
  • hazardous medical waste at no infection risk;
  • hazardous medical waste at infection risk;
  • sanitary waste requiring special disposal systems;
  • waste from exhumations and disinternment, as well as waste from other cemetery activities, excluding vegetable waste from cemeteries;
  • special waste products, resulting from operations outside the health facilities, which can be considered  similar to hazardous waste at risk of infection, with the exception of sanitary pads.

In our specific case, hospital waste from operating rooms at infection risk, outpatient clinics, laboratories, as well as medicines for patient’s personal use and those already expired, et cetera, they must be sent to incineration, in dedicated combustors for hospital waste.

This material, must not be mixed with other categories and should not be directly manipulated, have to be inserted in special containers and stored in accordance with provisions on the environment and safety before it undergoes destruction by incineration with dedicated combustors for hospital waste like those offered by BRU.IMPIANTI Group.

Proposed plants models for #hospitalwaste


[small size] Combustion system for special or hazardous hospital waste


[large size] Combustion system for special or hazardous hospital waste

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