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The electro-deposition coating process, realized in specific electro-deposition coating plants. is a surface treatment intended to give to metal and other alloys items a high resistance to chemical and environmental corrosion processes. It is distinguished in: cataphoretic and anaphoretic electro-deposition.


The cataphoretic electro-deposition for is a protective treatment that gives to metal parts (i.e. to iron, steel and other current conducting alloys) a high resistance to corrosion. This technology is widely used in the automotive industry for the protection of car bodies.


The anaphoretic electro-deposition process for is a protective treatment granting high corrosion resistance to metal parts (current conductive iron, steel and other alloys). This process is conceptually similar to that of cataphoresis, it differs from the latter mainly for the inversion of the power supply polarity.

BRU.IMPIANTI Group has no reference models for #electro-deposition, as it designs and develops this kind of programs customizing them on the needs and requirements of the customers.

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